hi, i’m still benny, and i’m still retarded. today i’m so tired, but not for i played a basketball match, ’cause my team didn’t play this sunday. i’m tired ’cause yesterday night i came back from rimini where for three entire days i followed a summit about the modern money theory with twothousand people! paolo barnard told the story of mariarca terracciano, and now she’s my hero. i didn’t understand the money theory  in its minute detail, ’cause i retarded, i guess. but i understood that the enemy is the fucking austerity! the five economist, a french, a canadian and three americans like me, said that an economic plan based on a balanced budget is the worst thing for the workers and the common people like me. and i tought: i don’t care, i’m not italian, the five started to work with the government of the states so i’m good. but few time later i went in supermarket to buy something, ’cause at the summit the day after i paid six euro for a fucking piadina, and i’m retarded but not idiot! at the supermarket i took any salad with half tomato and carrot, and i paid it four motherfucker euro. in a supermarket, fuckers! so i thought this fucking austerity hurt me, and i’m really worry about this ’cause i’ll live in italy for many years. so i listened with more attention what they told us at the summit, and i understood some economic principles and i realized that the euro is the enemy too! and i understood that the european parliament has no powers, but the power is in the hands of the european commission, and no one voted them! they make the interests of the corporations and they are corrupted by the lobbies so they are motherfuckers, and they should be killed for they are upkeeping a continent in poverty: the unemployment will be huge and the welfare is fucked up! you’ll be fucked up! but one thing i didn’t understand at the meeting: why i didn’t see any fucking journalist, media-man or other public mouth at the summit. ’cause i retarded, i guess. this morning i bought a lot of newspaper, and now i’m searching but i don’t find any fucking word about the mmt summit in rimini, ’cause i retarded, i guess. but i told you that i’m retarded, not idiot, and now i’ll start to break the balls and kick the asses of these italian politicians, technocrats and false newspaper writers, and i’ll tell to the people what’s the right economic way, and i’ll tell the people that these kind of people cover the true up, ’cause i’m retarded i guess, but not idiot i told you, and they should cover themself up, ’cause they are motherfuckeeeers!