hi, i’m benny and i’m retarded. now i live in italy but i don’t speak italian, i’m twenty and, in fact, i’m in trouble wih my language too, because i’m retarded, i guess. i’m an italian american, so in my country they called me “not hispanic white”. in italy the people don’t believe that in my country there are five category: “native american” that you called also “redskin”, “asian”, “hispanic”, “afro american” that you called also nigger, and “non hispanic white”. i don’t understand why there isn’t a category called “fucking european american”, because i’m retarded, i guess. i leave the u.s.a. to play basketball in italy, because in my country i can’t play college basketball, because i’m retarded, i guess. so, in this season i play with with a small basketball team in a little city called “povereto”, and the manager of the team gave me an house and a thousand dolla for month, and i feel good about this. yesterday i didn’t come out but today i have to play a game, and i stayed at home to watch the sanremo festival. i love this festival! good singers and pretty songs, i love it! maybe ’cause i retarded, i guess, but i dont’ care, and when i saw celentano my heart was beating a lot, ’cause i’m a fucking italian american and i love him, i sing his song every day, “azzurro, il pomeriggio è sempre azzurro”, “il tuo bacio è come un rock”, “svalutation”, “ventiquattromila baci”! my nigger bro would say me: you’re a lucky motherfuckeeeer maaaan! but celentano spent more time to talk than so sing, and he confused my mind speaking about the heaven, god and a newspaper called “avvenire” and something called “famiglia cristiana”. i was really confused ’cause celentano said that s. john wrote that no one saw the face of god, and i tought that celentano was saying that no one saw the face ’cause god doesn’t exist, but he didn’t said this, and he confused me a lot. and then he said that “famiglia cristiana” would talk about god, and not about the politics. at this point i was really a fucking confused motherfuckeeeer maaaan, ’cause i tought that no one should talk about god without to see him before. ’cause i’m retarded, i guess.